Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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The bell blasted out just at the end of third period and it was time to head for my next class. I arrive in class a minute later. After that, the bell blasted out once more to indicate it was time for class to start. Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby handed out our writers notebooks to all of us. When ever we write in our notebooks, its either about something we're learning or its Free Write Friday. Mrs. Morrow usually gives us approximately three to five minutes to write. I like to share a lot what I write in my notebook.

Mrs. Morrow turns on her smart board, computer and then starts teaching us. We get out our green worksheets and try to find errors in the sentences that is listed. She calls on people who raise their hand. I raise my hand to and most of the time I'm right.

If we had assignments to work on overnight, we would check them to see how many wrong we missed. After that is done, we hand them in and Mrs. Morrow gives us another assignment to do. Some of us finish it in class and others finish it in study hall or at home. I usually get it done at home but sometimes if the assignment is short enough, then I could finish it in class. At 11:25, the bell blasted again and off to fifth period we went. Just another day in Language Arts.

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