Monday, October 13, 2014

Daily Blogger Monday October, 13

     The bell chimes for English and a bunch of kids flee to mode two. Everyone seems tired because it’s a Monday ,but it’s still quite loud because everyone is chatting about their weekends. Then Mrs. Morrow gets our attention and we start the day.           
            Mrs. Nordy was absent today so Mrs. Morrow does all the talking. We start off with our DGP that surprisingly has to do with Halloween. 

Then we had to glue a chart into our Writer’s Notebook to put dead words on, we later put words on that could replace them. 

After that Mrs. Morrow gave us a packet that described our writing project for the week, Halloween in Hogwarts.


The fifth bell chimes again and the class scatters out the door and onto their next class. It has been yet another successful day in English 7.

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