Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29th English 7th

Today is Thursday the 29th of January.

What we did first in our english class was our writers note books fixing sentences for practice.

We also talked about our 3B Quiz tomorrow.

    This was a video we watched called "Word Crimes"
We also have Chapter 3 of our B-side books - Due Friday the 30 of January.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Daily Blogger

            The bell rang and we went to our favorite class, English. We all scurried to sit down at our seats to find out what we have to write in our writers notebooks today. Everyday we write in our notebooks as a practice and to start out English. Today we had to write about if we think we should make all children get vaccinated when they are babies. My answer was yes, because I think that it is safer to make sure everyone is healthy.

            Next, we had to do a worksheet on simple sentences. We have been working on this for quite awhile. We had to make up our own sentences and write an SV, SSV, SVV, or SSVV. I think that it was pretty easy.

            Finally, we worked on our b-side books. This is about what we are good at and what we can teach others. We had our first chapter due today, and the second chapter is going to be due tomorrow.

            The bell rang again and the time seems to fly. We all scurried off and were out the door in seconds.

Daily Blogger

Another day at school wonder what we will do in English class. My 4th period class its time to go to class the bell rings and it is time for english. We wrote in are not books and then some of us told what we wrote about. Then we moved on and talked about what we are doing today. We are going to talk about how to do are first chapter. When the teacher is done talking they let us work on it. Some of the other kids needed to do simple sentences. We had the rest of the class time to do it. We worked and worked until the bell rang. Then everybody packed there stuff and went to their next period.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Daily Blogger

Well when the bell rang in last  period we rushed out the door and came right into English class.
When we came in Mrs. Morrow said " Today we are not doing writers notebook because we are have a Simple Sentences Quiz"
So when we started the test it wasn't that hard it was just confusing like one question what is simple sentences?
Well a few minutes into English Mrs.Morrow showed us some PERFECT outline on our topic like Taya's report about sheering sheep.
Another one was Matt's his topic was about football and showed us the introduction. Then Mrs. Nordby handed out a outline of Mrs. Morrows intro and that is for a example for us so that we know what to update on ours and what to put more on our writing.

Some kids had to add more to their Chapter 1 to finish or even to start because some kids just spaced it off at home and not doing their homework. But if you don't have your homework done tomorrow you will get a detention and you will have to serve it on Wednesday. Well after awhile I heard the bell rang. Well now it means it is time to go to your next class.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015 English Class

Today was just another day in English class. We started with Mrs. Morrow telling us some extra information about our Bside Book outlines. She told us that we would be using this outline format:
1.     Brainstorm
2.     Organize
3.     Order
4.     Label

Then Mrs. Nordby handed out sample outline sheets. After that we all got right to work. Some of us used Inspiration to help organize our books. Also everyone was excited today because we don’t have school tomorrow. Today’s class went pretty fast because we got most of it to work. So therefore I don’t have much to write about, but overall it was a great English class.

(outline sample sheet)
(the class working hard on the work day)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Daily Blogger 1/20/15

      As I was sitting in American History, the bell rang and I rushed to pack my things and walk outside to  English class. As I walked into the room, I sat down and waited for the bell to ring. When it rung, Mrs. Morrow had Sean pass out our writing notebooks. As I opened mine, Mrs. Morrow told us what we are going to be writing in them. She said we are going to be writing questions on our B-side projects about what we don't know about them. For example: when was model rockets invented? I wrote down a few questions and then she had everyone in the classroom share one question they thought of.
       Next, we went to and wrote down notes and sources for our B-side book along with the questions we thought of in our writing notebooks.

After we worked on that for a while, Mrs. Morrow gave us a homework assignment and it was on She said we had to do simple sentences 2. We had some time to work on it in class, but I wanted to get my questions finished.

Then the bell rang and it was time to go to my next class, which is study hall.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Daily Blogger (1-14-15)

             Today as the bell rang in my ears, it was time for another wonderful day in English. I burst through the doors a little late because my friend Taryn talked to me in the hallway. Mrs. Morrow said we would be finishing up the test for Simple Sentences, which I didn’t have to take because I already tested out. So I just read my book for reading while other people took the test.
            Next we wrote in our writer’s notebook. We wrote the definition of writing. Writing is the communication of CONTENT, for a PURPOSE, to an AUDIENCE. We wrote our topics for our B-Side Projects. That’s what we use the definition of writing for.
            On our CPA chart we wrote our mane idea and then we wrote what our chapters were going to be about in our IBook. Then we won’t work more on this until tomorrow so don’t forget they are in your writer’s notebook.
            Now we are reviewing Simple Sentences (SV, SVV, SSV. SSVV). Then Mrs. Morrow explained that a verb with a helping verb that the whole verb not two just one verb. Another thing to remember is that “to” plus a verb is an infinitive.
            Mrs. Morrow is helping the kids that still are on level one circle the “and”s and the Prepositional Phrases are.
            Then the bell rang out again, and it was time to go to the next 

Daily Blogger 1-19-15

         Today as us students lined into the classroom and the bell blurted out, we took out our writers notebooks. In our notebooks, we did a warm up on simple sentences. We were given parts of sentences, and a formula. We had to complete the sentences, including the formula. To help with simple sentences, I put brackets around a verb with the word ‘to’ in front of it. I put parenthesis around a prepositional phrase. The last thing I do is put a circle around the conjunctions. Everyone has to remember, simple sentences aren’t always simple.
         Next, we have to take notes for our B-side books. Our B-side books are about something that people wouldn’t know. We made a folder on google drive, and shared it with Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby. Then we created documents for each thing that we do. Today, in this case, we created a document and called it ‘Notes and Sources’. 
         While we are still practicing simple sentences, we have a way with our worksheets. Our worksheets are 1A, 1B, 1C, and so on. When you test out of level one, you don’t have to do any worksheets until level 2. Level 2 repeats the same as level one. 
         Before we knew it, the bell blurted again. English is done for the day!

Daily Blogger

Daily Blogger

Today I walk into English class and I know there is something different right away. Mrs. Morrow was gone, Mrs. Nordby said she was in Lincoln. But we still had to start off our Friday. I like English and when Friday comes we get to do a Free Write Friday in our notebooks. We were just writing about anything our minds were on, and while we were doing this we got to listen to Rascal Flatts, this really distracted me but I got the job done. I wrote about my weekend plans which made me even more excited. When we were done we shared all of our writings. One that really stuck out in my mind was Sable’s and how she got hit with a snow ball. When I looked up at the schedule for the class period it said free write Friday, then time to share, Sentence Strategy 2A, which meant we all tested out of the A section, and then last but not least we were going to do research on our B-side books. 

When we got done Mrs. Nordby made us to the real work. She gave 2 of us in groups a sentence formula and she told us to make a simple sentence about random, things, something from our free write friday piece, things we love to do, or even make up things. The formulas for simple sentences are sv, ssv, svv, ssvv. The s stands for subject and the v for verb. She let us use the marker boards to let us conjure up our simple sentences. I stopped and paused while everyone was doing this and realized that all of us talking about what we have just learned excites a teacher and is music to their ears. But after we practice we had a worksheet. Mrs. Nordby thoughtfully explained to us how to do it and then she said that this was going in the grade book, but i we miss some we can do it again. Everyone luckily got finished in class including myself. After that kids when to, which is a website with examples of ibooks, so if u need ideas there are a bunch of them on this website. There were all kinds of books being looked at which was nice to see kids getting into their projects. Then the bell rang after a great day of language class and everyone scattered to go to their next class.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Daily Blogger

It was finally time to go to english. When we got there we opened our writers notebook and told us to write that writing is communication for a propose to an audience after that we answered all the question on our CPA and then we split up between the people who did good on simple sentences and some who did not so well and when I got to the other side of the room. She told us to go too and click create a folder and call it b-side and then we created a document while on b-side. Called it CPA and wrote main idea and the answers to the questions on there.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Daily Blogger

In math, I finished my assignment right on time. Then came the blurting bell, which indicated it was time for 4th period. As always, my forth period is English class with Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby in Mod 2N. Once I entered the room, Mrs. Nordby asked me to pass out papers about having a B-side passions. It was kind of about having hobbies with nothing to do with school. I actually thought it was very interesting. I shared one of the questions which was; If I can plan the perfect day, how would I spend it? I said, “First, I’d sleep in, go hunting, have lunch, work and play with my model trains, go four-wheeling, and have a dance or a party in the evening. In my opinion, that probably would be the perfect day in my life. Mrs. Morrow taught us more about having a B-side which I found it very interesting. I didn’t finish all the questions, but I wished I did. Both teachers knew right away what I was going to write about. Trains! Sure enough, I did (almost every question had an answer with  something to do with trains).
     Mrs. Morrow then talked about and showed us iBook. She told us about some people (including her husband) about some post there were on iBook. One of post she showed us was from a freshmen (Nikki Gotshal) about famous King of England, Henry VIII. Another one was from Nathaniel Jennings about the planets in our solar system. Mrs. Morrow wanted us to pretend to write something like a poem on a piece of paper and also wanted us to make it look like we were very bored. Then, she wanted us to open our computers and make it look like we were very interested. I was the one who was really doing anything because I was the daily blogger. Everyone else was either on their desktop of their laptop or typing random stuff in the password box. Mrs. Morrow took a picture of Baylea and I tried photo bombing but it didn't work.DANG!:(
     Eventually class was over when the bell rang at 11:25. Today was another day in English class. Oh, and one more thing, theres always time for a group picture with the class! The picture didn’t turn out what I wanted but its better then nothing.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daily Blogger

Well today was the day of the geography bee.  I being in it was so excited I could hardly work on our worksheet.  It was to basically identify how many subjects and verbs where in a sentence.  We also had to write down the correct formula for each sentence according to how many subjects or verbs.  It was rather easy so I wasn't surprised when it was do the next day.  Well hope we don't have home work for the weekend.  Oh and happy new year.