Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Daily Blogger

            The bell rang and we went to our favorite class, English. We all scurried to sit down at our seats to find out what we have to write in our writers notebooks today. Everyday we write in our notebooks as a practice and to start out English. Today we had to write about if we think we should make all children get vaccinated when they are babies. My answer was yes, because I think that it is safer to make sure everyone is healthy.

            Next, we had to do a worksheet on simple sentences. We have been working on this for quite awhile. We had to make up our own sentences and write an SV, SSV, SVV, or SSVV. I think that it was pretty easy.

            Finally, we worked on our b-side books. This is about what we are good at and what we can teach others. We had our first chapter due today, and the second chapter is going to be due tomorrow.

            The bell rang again and the time seems to fly. We all scurried off and were out the door in seconds.

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