Monday, January 19, 2015

Daily Blogger

Daily Blogger

Today I walk into English class and I know there is something different right away. Mrs. Morrow was gone, Mrs. Nordby said she was in Lincoln. But we still had to start off our Friday. I like English and when Friday comes we get to do a Free Write Friday in our notebooks. We were just writing about anything our minds were on, and while we were doing this we got to listen to Rascal Flatts, this really distracted me but I got the job done. I wrote about my weekend plans which made me even more excited. When we were done we shared all of our writings. One that really stuck out in my mind was Sable’s and how she got hit with a snow ball. When I looked up at the schedule for the class period it said free write Friday, then time to share, Sentence Strategy 2A, which meant we all tested out of the A section, and then last but not least we were going to do research on our B-side books. 

When we got done Mrs. Nordby made us to the real work. She gave 2 of us in groups a sentence formula and she told us to make a simple sentence about random, things, something from our free write friday piece, things we love to do, or even make up things. The formulas for simple sentences are sv, ssv, svv, ssvv. The s stands for subject and the v for verb. She let us use the marker boards to let us conjure up our simple sentences. I stopped and paused while everyone was doing this and realized that all of us talking about what we have just learned excites a teacher and is music to their ears. But after we practice we had a worksheet. Mrs. Nordby thoughtfully explained to us how to do it and then she said that this was going in the grade book, but i we miss some we can do it again. Everyone luckily got finished in class including myself. After that kids when to, which is a website with examples of ibooks, so if u need ideas there are a bunch of them on this website. There were all kinds of books being looked at which was nice to see kids getting into their projects. Then the bell rang after a great day of language class and everyone scattered to go to their next class.

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  1. Great story Morgan I love how you described what we did and what we are doing in class and i just love my face in the 3rd picture.