Friday, October 31, 2014

Daily Blogger 10/31

Today is Halloween, time to read some ghost stories!

As the bell rang, everyone got their writers notebooks out for Free Write Friday, as usual. Couple of kids shared some great Free Write Friday stories. Then, we quickly got out our DGP and diagramed a sentence. Then Mrs. Morrow told us what to do to publish our stories on our blogs. That took us a couple of minutes we also had to print our ghost stories and hand it in. After we had done that we had to read other classmates ghost stories and make comments on their blogs, how cool is that. Can’t wait to read some good stories.

Our agenda for the day

Reading Ghost Stories!

Posting Ghost Stories On Our Blogs

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daily Blogger 10/30

Walking into English seven I noticed something spooky in the air. Was it... a a a ghost!!!

We started class revising a sentence the sentence was:
                                  A girl walked thru the hall scared.
As always we were in a hurry we went right into our daily grammar practice. For todays practice we had to make the revising marks upon or sentence.Then Mrs. Morrow surprised us with a new way of checking our ghost stories. The whole class got a revising and editing paper.

We revised and edited our own righting as the computer read aloud our stories. We had to make to make sure that we made sure our stores had:
  • At least the paragraphs describing our ghosts
  • We had to replace dull words with exciting words or we had to insert them
  • Double spacing    

10/29/14 Daily Blogger

       The bell rang loudly many times because of a lock down. Today we are doing the Wednesday DGP. As we pay attention in class we get excited about our ruff draft. The ruff draft is going to about a ghost story. We came up with amazing names and character traits for each of our ghosts. At 10:09 a.m. we started talking about the Grading scale. Mrs. Morrow talked about using an astonishing fact and how we need to describe our ghost and make a vivid picture. While we write our draft Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby help other people around the room. Then the bell rings and we’re off to the next class.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Daily Blogger

On this day in our zombie class I am the head zombie recorder. Today we are listening to a kid name Tommy that got beat to death bey the school bully. Tommy is now helping the nerds and small kids that are getting bullied in the OHS. Tommy is the protector

of the nerds and small kids. Oh no there's is a new ghost named Dennis the Menace he sounds mean as Tommy. Will the kids are in class, Dennis changes the kids locks. He also steels kids assignment then he giggles when they get in trouble. Oh no there's a norther ghost in the OHS school his name is Lenny the lunch room ghost. The ghost name is Lenny he likes to get on the principal nerves. Well that’s all we got today

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


     We walk in the door to Mod 2 and sit down before the bell  
 rings.  In our writers notebooks today, we described our ghost. We      
 received  our packets for our next writing assignment, in which, we 
 are to describe our ghost in OHS. We went over the due dates and
 expectations. We started brainstorming our ghost's appearances   
   and personality . We also read sample ghost stories and underlined
 descriptions of the ghosts.

 Today was a spooky day in English 7.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Daily Blogger Oct. 27 2014

     As I walked outside, in the brisk cool fall air, I excitedly awaited English class. When I walked in, the room was filled with fall decorations. Up on the smart board was our grammar warm up. We had to describe either Scooby Doo or Sponge Bob using adjectives and character traits.
            We then went to Daily Grammar Practice (DGP 5). This week's sentence is "this is certainly a beautiful country." We labeled the words in the sentence with what part of speech they are. Make sure you have this finished before Friday.
Then, we were introduced to our writing project for this week. We will be writing about a ghost that haunts the halls of O'Neill Junior/Senior High School. To start, Mrs. Nordby showed us her adorable ghost pin. Then, we read a short story about four ghosts. Afterward, we underlined the words that described each ghost. Finally, we filled out a chart with the under lined words.

All of a sudden, we started working on the brain storming process. During this step you list ideas about what you are writing about. For this you need to describe your ghost. You can use these questions to help describe your ghost: What physical features stand out most, how does the character usually dress, how does the character move? This is due tomorrow. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THIS DONE! 
Everyone started working diligently. Then the bell chimed and it seemed as if class had just started.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

october 15, 2014

 The bell dings and everybody takes there seats in English class. First off is DGP the teachers help us with it we talk through it. When we are done with that the teachers were telling us what we are doing today. We were partner proofreading today. That’s when we got to read somebody else’s story. The story is The Halloween Feast. So that is fun. When we were done with that we fixed are stories but even better before they were proofread. When we were done we packed up are things and waited for the bell dinged. The it dinged.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


       Today was the day. Today was the day that period 3 took over the class blog. To start today’s class, Mrs.Morrow and Mrs.Nordby walked around and helped all of the students set calendar dates for the days they are the class blogger. These are the rest of the educational plans for today.

        As fast as class started we pulled out our DGP, daily grammar practice. Today we practiced identifying clauses. Then we took out our homework from yesterday on adverbs. This worksheet helped us identify adverbs in a sentence and the correct way to use them. The second we got done they passed out another worksheet. This made us practice using the correct forms of adverbs in sentences. Fortunately, the teachers saw how hard we worked during class and didn’t assign it as

       As the class ended, the glowing Autumn sun met the students leaving mod 2.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Daily Blogger

       Today is my class blogger day! So first we started with our Free Write Friday, and I wrote about Halloween and what I'm going to be, and I'm going to be a hippie.
       After that, we worked on our DGP (daily grammar practice). Our sentence this week for DGP is: He passed the tree in safety, but new perils lay before him.
       Then, when we got all of that out of the way, we worked on our Halloween writing.

 This week we are having a themed week- Harry Potter and halloween. We write about our halloween at Hogwarts.
Then we printed them and handed them in. We also posted them on our blogs. 
Lastly, we are looking at each other's blogs to see their stories about Halloween At Hogwarts. Today was a good day!

Halloween at Hogwarts

We have had an INSANELY AUDACIOUS week with word choice in our writing!

To celebrate a week of hard work, you may wish to sit back and enjoy a couple games of "Mad Libs"... Harry Potter themed, of course!

Your favorite Hogwarts instructors,
Professor Morrow and Professor Nordby :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

            As I sit impatienty in my chair, I stare straight at the clock. At the last second of the third period, I looked down at my book. Then I hear it. The bell! Yes! I jumped out of my chair and scurried down the hall. I zoomed out the door and headed for mod. 2. It was time for English class.

Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby teach English and I have to say, they are pretty good at what they do. We all start out with our writing warm-up. Mrs. Nordby had written a paragraph on a movie she went and saw. Us, the students, had to revise the sloppy writing. Next, we all yanked out our DGP. That’s our daily grammar practice.
 And then came the fun part of class. We are doing a writing assignment called “Hogwarts Halloween Feast”. All of us kids have to write a story using descriptive adjectives to describe the feast at Hogwarts. We all get our creativeness flowing in our brains and we start to write. We write and write till we can’t!

            English is a place where all of us kids let our imaginations run loose. Tomorrow our rough drafts are due for our writing. If you are a student in my class reading this, make sure that your rough draft for “Hogwarts Halloween Feast” is complete!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Daily blogger Tuesday 10-14-14

The bell yells and says "get out"!! My next class is English. First thing we did as usual write in our writer's note book. So we wrote out yucky food. Many people shared there yucky ideas. After that we did that we did our dgp witch is daily grammar practice. Mrs. Morrow help us on dgp. Then we posted our rhymes on our bloggs. It was homework yesterday and we handed it on tuesday witch was due today Tuesday. After that Mrs. Morrow says "that tomorrow our back page on the packet was due." This is what you had to do? We had to write describing words on the back page on the packet for tomorrows rough draft that will write. We got a little time to work on it. Last the bell wrang time to go to a different class. But don't worry we'll have English tomorrow?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Daily Blogger Monday October, 13

     The bell chimes for English and a bunch of kids flee to mode two. Everyone seems tired because it’s a Monday ,but it’s still quite loud because everyone is chatting about their weekends. Then Mrs. Morrow gets our attention and we start the day.           
            Mrs. Nordy was absent today so Mrs. Morrow does all the talking. We start off with our DGP that surprisingly has to do with Halloween. 

Then we had to glue a chart into our Writer’s Notebook to put dead words on, we later put words on that could replace them. 

After that Mrs. Morrow gave us a packet that described our writing project for the week, Halloween in Hogwarts.


The fifth bell chimes again and the class scatters out the door and onto their next class. It has been yet another successful day in English 7.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Daily Blogger

If you get to have daily blogger on Friday, Your pretty lucky. And thats me. Today we had Free Write Friday. Free Write Friday is where we get to write about whatever we want or whatever comes to our head. Kids always have really good stories and really good thought. Every day I write about a group of animals that go on many adventures. It's pretty cool. Sometimes kids continue a story that they have started earlier that week. I think that Friday might be the coolest thing we do in class.

We just finished our Daily Grammar Practice (DGP). We had to do lots of work this week because we missed two days of school. The most fun thing to do on there is Friday's question. We must diagram sentences. I think thats pretty fun, others might not. My least favorite part is Monday. We have to identify parts of speech. When I think that we have finished identifying a word, theres always a modifier or something else that messes me up. Otherwise our DGP is pretty fun.
We had to take a quiz thing on a new site called Socrative. I've never heard of it  before so it was all new to me. We had to put in our room number and we submitted it. When we did, it opened a page where we had to wait for our teacher to start the quiz. Mrs.Morrow would press next question and it would move on. We could see when someone answered a question because on the smart board it would say how many people submitted there questions. Otherwise it was a lot more easier than I thought it would be. But otherwise its been a pretty good Friday

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, Classroom Blog

As soon as the bell rang for class to start, my English 7 class took out our Writer's Notebook and jotted down a list of what we have learned so far in class. Most of our list consisted of 8-12 things we have done.

After we wrapped that up, it was time for DGP 2, (Daily Grammar Practice). It has been our second week of DGP. On Monday DGP, we worked on pronouns, verbs, and nouns on a single sentence, we use the same sentence everyday of the week.

We started diagraming sentences with prepositional phrases on Friday, but we didn't finish them. We stated back up on them today. They were pretty easy, but some people needed help, so we did them as a class.

Tomorrow, our parents get to see our grades, so we made a "Learning Letter". We went to an app called Pages, it is a writing doc. that you can type anything from an assignment, to stories and many more. Today, we chose the feature called Traditional Letter. It shows a setup of how to write a letter, but you have to delete and start for your own letter. This letter is for my English 7 teachers and my parents. We had to write three paragraphs and they were due at the end of class.

The sound of the murmuring bell sounded through the room, and that was the time for our papers to be due, and for us to go to the next class.

Daily Blogger

Woo Hoo! Today is a Friday in English class. We start with writing our free write Friday and my classmates are sharing some of there writing. Now we are talking about the parent teacher conference. Then we do our DGP together, and she shows us how to do a diagram. We are talking about the positive things we’ve done in this class. Such as our blogs and that we don’t complain about thing in the class and listen to others when the talk to us.

Now the teachers are passing out our first quarter grades. Anxious, and nervous to see what we all get. We get our paper. Now we are talking about the facebook page. So if we screen shot it we can get a 10-bonus point. The page is O’Neill school Library on facebook. We also got your “I am” packages back.

We are now starting to practice our diagramming sentences. Our teacher handed us a paper with a mistake she made. Yay, now the students aren’t the only ones that make mistakes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Daily Blogger

The bell blasted out just at the end of third period and it was time to head for my next class. I arrive in class a minute later. After that, the bell blasted out once more to indicate it was time for class to start. Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby handed out our writers notebooks to all of us. When ever we write in our notebooks, its either about something we're learning or its Free Write Friday. Mrs. Morrow usually gives us approximately three to five minutes to write. I like to share a lot what I write in my notebook.

Mrs. Morrow turns on her smart board, computer and then starts teaching us. We get out our green worksheets and try to find errors in the sentences that is listed. She calls on people who raise their hand. I raise my hand to and most of the time I'm right.

If we had assignments to work on overnight, we would check them to see how many wrong we missed. After that is done, we hand them in and Mrs. Morrow gives us another assignment to do. Some of us finish it in class and others finish it in study hall or at home. I usually get it done at home but sometimes if the assignment is short enough, then I could finish it in class. At 11:25, the bell blasted again and off to fifth period we went. Just another day in Language Arts.