Wednesday, October 15, 2014

            As I sit impatienty in my chair, I stare straight at the clock. At the last second of the third period, I looked down at my book. Then I hear it. The bell! Yes! I jumped out of my chair and scurried down the hall. I zoomed out the door and headed for mod. 2. It was time for English class.

Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby teach English and I have to say, they are pretty good at what they do. We all start out with our writing warm-up. Mrs. Nordby had written a paragraph on a movie she went and saw. Us, the students, had to revise the sloppy writing. Next, we all yanked out our DGP. That’s our daily grammar practice.
 And then came the fun part of class. We are doing a writing assignment called “Hogwarts Halloween Feast”. All of us kids have to write a story using descriptive adjectives to describe the feast at Hogwarts. We all get our creativeness flowing in our brains and we start to write. We write and write till we can’t!

            English is a place where all of us kids let our imaginations run loose. Tomorrow our rough drafts are due for our writing. If you are a student in my class reading this, make sure that your rough draft for “Hogwarts Halloween Feast” is complete!

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  1. Makenna, I have to say that you, too, are "pretty good at what you do!"
    You are an excellent writer and you make being your teacher a total joy!

    Keep up the great work!