Saturday, March 28, 2015

Newly Published Authors at OHS

Several OHS 7th Grade students have recently joined the ranks of published authors as they successfully authored, submitted, and were accepted for publishing on Apple's iBooks Store.

Their original books, authored in 7th grade English class, were the result of a nonfiction writing project entitled "My B-side".  Students chose a personal passion, hobby, or talent-- something that was the "flip-side" to their well-known personality-- and wrote about it. The objective was informative/technical writing, and by choosing a topic that students personally knew so well, they could focus on communicating this real life skill/talent/or interest through their first-person writing, rather than external research.

Students worked through the writing process to compose their drafts and utilized digital tools such as Google Docs, Pages, and iPad apps throughout the process. Each was also encouraged to create original media to accompany the writing. Many students created videos, animations, illustrations, photography, and widgets to bring their writing to life once assembled in iBooks Author.

Out of all the 7th grade authors over a dozen were selected to submit for publishing on Apple's iBooks Store.  Students could choose whether to submit via Mrs. Morrow's Books account under their own name as author or if they wanted to go through the process of creating their own Books account for the iTunes Store.

While we are still waiting on approval on several books, the following titles have already successfully been approved and are live on iTunes!

Congratulations to each and every OHS 7th grade English student... you ARE AUTHORS!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Daily Blogger 3-26-15

Daily Blogger

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BEEP! I rushed out of math class and out of the building to Mod 2 for English. When I arrived, our class did a daily warm up, revising a sentence that Mrs. Morrow purposely wrote wrong so we could fix it. Then we did DGP. After DGP we watched a video about visual aids because we are doing a visual aid for our project this week. The video told us what to do and what not to do in a visual aid. After we watched the short video, Mrs. Morrow told us to review our own paper that we wrote about our place. Then she separated us. The students who had their rough drafts done got to peer review with a partner. The students who didn't have theirs done had to go and finish them. After finding a few mistakes on my friend's paper, I went back to my own computer and fixed the mistakes that my other friend found. When everybody was done with peer review, we got to work on our visual aids. I was just getting started on it when the bell beeped loudly. I collected my things and walked out of English class, wishing that it would have lasted a little bit longer.

Daily Blogger 3-25-15

Brett Johnston
Daily Blogger

“ I’m going to hate writing that draft!” I thought. When Kolby and I got to class, Mrs. Morrow said to sit down and write in your notebook. The topic was, what you think about Nesa testing. After that we did DGP. Today’s was finding the subject and verbs.

Then we listened to Mrs. Morrow read Natalies Broderson’s “ Where In The World” essay on the Bahamas. It was very discriptive and fluent. The funny thing is is that I am doing the Bahamas too. So I got some ideas from her essay.

The final thing we did was work on our draft. Most of the kids didn’t get it done in class, so we had some homework. If you didn’t have it done, you would have to go to the other side of the mod and probably lose points, because it was late.

That is all that we did for today in English.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Daily Blogger March 23rd

We were working on today's assignment when all of a sudden, the bell rang. We were all relieved to leave and to go the next class, English 7.
As soon as we got to class, our teachers greeted us with our daily announcements. Then a couple of students passed out our writer's notebooks. Our writing objective today was what kind of music we like to listen to. After a few minutes, if you want to share what you wrote, you have the chance to do so by raising your hand.
Daily Grammar Practice was next on our to-do list today. Today, we identified all of the words in out sentence and put them into there categories. Our DGP lasts us a week.
 Finally, we got to the important part of our day. This past week, we have been working on an essay about some where we would like to travel, but have not ever been there before. Next week, we will read aloud our essay in speech form. Today, we were still working on researching our projects. We have to have at least three resources, an encyclopedia, a book, and a website. Everyone was working hard on getting research done, because we don't have class tomorrow.
Then, all of a sudden, we heard that painfully familiar ringing noise. Then everyone was out the door and on to the next class. I think we all have homework.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3-17-15 Jace Thompson Daily Blogger

Today we looked for information for our country. Half of the class went to the liberty and the other half stayed in class. At the liberty the class looked for books. At the class room the class looked on the world book

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

English Class: Period Two

I heard the bell ring, and I hurried out of the Science room, so I could meet up with my walk-to-English Class buddies, Makayla and Jace. I met up with them and talked about what our Math assignment was, which wasn't hard at all. We walked into the English room, and it was cold in there, as always. But this time, it was colder inside, than it was outside. Well, it felt like that anyway. We sat down and the second bell rang. Mrs. Morrow had Jace pass out the notebooks, and as always, came to me and threw mine at my face! I wasn't ready for it though, because I was turned around talking to Makayla. Our prompt today was," Where in the World!" We had to brainstorm some ideas for where we haven't been, but would like to go. My ideas were Iwo Jima/Marine Corps War Memorial in Washington D.C., a Husker football game, or anywhere where it was warm. Mainly Florida. Afterwards, we had Announcements. There wasn't anything for JH, just a reminder about an assembly  next Monday. Then we went over our tests. Yeah, the grades weren't very good. There were a few people who did good, but not many. Lastly, we had about ten minutes at the end of class to look up some information about our Where in the World topic. I chose Iwo Jima/Marine Corps War Memorial. We just have to list three or more things that you can see at your topic. And of course, I took pics! You have to scroll down to see all of them. But that is just about all we did in English7 today!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

english today

In english today, we started off with DGP. Our sentence this week is have my eyes deceived me. After we corrected the sentence, we got our writers notebooks. We wrote about our mornings. Then we took notes on pronouns. we did two online tests over them afterwards.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Daily Blogger

The bell rung again to signal it was time to go to English class. The morning air was crisp, clear and rather cold, but the cold March weather would not ruin our day in English. When we finally made it to Mod 2 for class, we started the day of with a Warp-Up. After we finished sharing our ideas on verbs and subjects, we began working on our DGP or Daily Grammar Practice for the eleventh week. Not long after we started DGP, we were finished and moving on. We checked over yesterday’s assignment and graded it in class.  We then started learning about special subjects and collective nouns, and after learning all we need to know about special subjects, we began our assignment that didn’t take to long to complete. We went over it in class and handed it in. We then went over compound sentences. It was a nice day in English class, and we don’t have that much homework for Wednesday. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Daily Blogger 3/3/15

March 3, 15      

As the bell rang we started English class as the class started we went right into our Writers Notebook. Our topic was SPRING BREAK. After that, We started DGP- week 11 we had to Identify sentence parts including simple and complete subject, simple and complete predicate.  After that we had to locate problems in a sentence Subject and Verbs on the board. After we finished that, they handed out the Unit 9: Subject-Verb Agreement worksheet so we can correct them if we want. As time pass they handed out our Assignment for today it was Lesson 51 locating the subject. Then when the bell rang we got up and ran to the door to the snowy chili day.

Daily Blogger 3/2/15

The bell rang on this chilly monday morning. English was just about to start as the writers notebooks were passed out. Mrs. Nordby gave us our topic; If I was in charge of the of the St. Patricks Day Parade. As the stories were shared the new Daily Grammar Practices were handed out. The sentence for this week is: had my eyes deceived me. After DPG we used our English text books for the first time. We are studying Subject-Verb agreements which is Unit 16.
Mrs. Nordby started presenting off the board stating that verbs do not end in s. 

Our worksheet assignments were handed out after we finished the Subject-Verb agreement presentation. Most people completed the simple assignment during class. Those who didn't test out on the last worksheet had to do the next one those who did played grammar pop on the iPads.