Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Daily Blogger

The bell rung again to signal it was time to go to English class. The morning air was crisp, clear and rather cold, but the cold March weather would not ruin our day in English. When we finally made it to Mod 2 for class, we started the day of with a Warp-Up. After we finished sharing our ideas on verbs and subjects, we began working on our DGP or Daily Grammar Practice for the eleventh week. Not long after we started DGP, we were finished and moving on. We checked over yesterday’s assignment and graded it in class.  We then started learning about special subjects and collective nouns, and after learning all we need to know about special subjects, we began our assignment that didn’t take to long to complete. We went over it in class and handed it in. We then went over compound sentences. It was a nice day in English class, and we don’t have that much homework for Wednesday. 

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