Tuesday, March 10, 2015

English Class: Period Two

I heard the bell ring, and I hurried out of the Science room, so I could meet up with my walk-to-English Class buddies, Makayla and Jace. I met up with them and talked about what our Math assignment was, which wasn't hard at all. We walked into the English room, and it was cold in there, as always. But this time, it was colder inside, than it was outside. Well, it felt like that anyway. We sat down and the second bell rang. Mrs. Morrow had Jace pass out the notebooks, and as always, came to me and threw mine at my face! I wasn't ready for it though, because I was turned around talking to Makayla. Our prompt today was," Where in the World!" We had to brainstorm some ideas for where we haven't been, but would like to go. My ideas were Iwo Jima/Marine Corps War Memorial in Washington D.C., a Husker football game, or anywhere where it was warm. Mainly Florida. Afterwards, we had Announcements. There wasn't anything for JH, just a reminder about an assembly  next Monday. Then we went over our tests. Yeah, the grades weren't very good. There were a few people who did good, but not many. Lastly, we had about ten minutes at the end of class to look up some information about our Where in the World topic. I chose Iwo Jima/Marine Corps War Memorial. We just have to list three or more things that you can see at your topic. And of course, I took pics! You have to scroll down to see all of them. But that is just about all we did in English7 today!

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