Thursday, December 18, 2014

Daily Blogger 12-18-14

I heard the bell in the end of my first period class. So I hurried to my second period class, which was English. I got in the doorway, slipped on the ice, and fell flat on my face! It hurt! So I got up quickly and laughed around with Kolby about it. Then the second bell rang, and we sat down. First, Mrs. Morrow told us some more helpful advice for our Poetry Portfolios! They basically tell the reader about poetry and such things. After that, we started to work on our Portfolios. It is hard to explain what we did today, because we just worked on our project. But, I did manage to snippidy-snap some pictures, and here they are!
 So that's what we did in English7! I hope you had fun reading this essay, but don't make fun of me because I slipped. Because it is Winter!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17 Daily Blogger

   When class started we talked about the poems that were due last monday. You needed to have four from last week. Then we talked about our new project that is due friday. We will make an ibook on our poetry.

Daily Blog By Dylan Tinsley

Today in English was a train wreck. we spent almost the whole class time trying to download IBOOKS. Everybodey rushing trying to get there stuff done while the others were doing the same thing. But in the end most of us got  the app downloaded. lets just say it was a big cluster

Persona Poem

I'm a pencil sharpener manuel every day i hang on the wall waiting for evil kids to sharpen there pencil's everyday i go round and round and i get dizzy i hate it when the teachers forget to empty me because they are to busy with the mechanical sharpener. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nebraska List Poem

filled with mazes of corn 
home to the colleges of the University of Nebraska Lincoln
Corn huskers proudly represent our state
the flat land flourishes with lush pastures
dotted with cattle
wild life that runs free across the rough land
the sweet flower scented air
this is what I love about 


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Daily Blogger

The bell rang and we all scurried to our next class, English. Ready to start the period with daily warm up. Today our warm was to draw a stick figure person with the four words of Personality, Body Part, Actions, and Feelings in the four corners of the paper. We then wrote three things to define the four words under each of the categories. We then read more in our book, “Love That Dog.”
Next, we got a paper that said what personification was and that we were going to create personification poems today.  We were read a few example poems and how to use personification in our poems. We then read a book about a few personification poems. 
 Finally, we were sent to make our poems.

Once we wrote our poems, we used the iPads to find a picture that went in with our poems. We then used an app called Chatter Pix to put in our photos and read our poem to. It then makes a short video of the poem and the picture wit some animations. Soon, the bell rang again, and it was time to go to next period.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Daily Blogger

            “Yes, I finished my math homework.” “Beep.” "There go’s the bell, better get to English class." 

            We started today with Free Write Friday and you had to write a poem. A lot of people wrote about things that they love. You could make your poem any size. Then if you wanted to share, you could.
            Next, Mrs. Morrow read us “ Love That Dog”. We learned about how Jack started to like poems more. Another thing is that he was worried that a poet that wrote a famous poem would get mad if he read Jack’s poem.
            After that, we added some words into our dictionary page in the back of our poetry folder. The words were: simile, metaphor, alliteration, assonance, onomatopeaia, and rhyming couplet. Then we had to write a rhyming couplet for our, “Poem For The Day”. A rhyming couplet is a 2 line or more rhyming poem. To help you write the poem, you could use different websites or apps on the iPad.

           Lastly, Mrs. Morrow read us the book, “ I Knew You Could”. It is a book similar to the book “ The Little Engine That Could”. I thought it was a pretty encouraging, but some had different opinions about it. 




 Once the bell went off I hurried to mod2 that was when we are doing are poems and we were talking about what is a simile and what is a metaphor and we made a poem of one of the things like “ A dream is a fairy tale ” and thought of words that describe fairy tale and we read some of the book Love that dog and we were talking about that he is changing his poems to sound more like a poem.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Daily Blogger

        The familiar sound of the chiming bell blurted out. I raced down the hall, out the door, and outside to Mod 2. When I got into Mod 2, I went to my table and sat down. Mrs.Morrow passed out the latest poem book we are reading, Love That Dog. After Mrs. Morrow read us about ten pages, we talked about and then finished our “Found Poems” that we started yesterday.

        Then Mrs.Morrow showed us a video on youtube about similes and metaphors because that is what we were learning about for our lesson today. After we watched the video, we discussed the differences between similes and metaphors.


       Finally, after giving some examples, we got a worksheet that has the start of a simile or a metaphor and we have to finish it with something unique. Before I knew it, the ringing of the bell noisily sounded and I was off to my 3rd period class.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


English 7 

       The sound of the ring of the bell sent us out to mod 2 for class and as soon as the second bell rang we got started on poetry. The class had to open there poetry workbook and had to write things that they liked, hated, cared about,  and what they like to do in there spare time. For class tomorrow we had to write a acrostic poem. Then we did some sketch noting, it is taking notes while sketching you can draw or do what ever for taking notes.

Daily Blog

       Today we focused on poetry. When we came into class we had to hand in our poster and the paragraph to go with it. They poster and paragraph were focused on a movie we watched last week about blind children that wanted to climb a mountain.

       After that we had to make our poetry folders while other people took a poll over poetry and did a warm up in the folder about what poetry meant or was to us.

Monday, November 24, 2014


What does confidence mean to me? It means a lot to me because I always try my best in everything that I do. How does it relate to the movie? Everyone who was blind (including the kids) wanted to prove that they were special in their own way by trying to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in the country of Tibet. As the group of the blind reached higher and higher grades of the Himalaya Mountains in the continent of Asia, the less oxygen there was to breathe. Some of them couldn’t make it but the others forged on as far as they could. They never did reach the summit of Everest but they sure did give it their best effort! How does confidence relate to me? Baseball is the answer. Through our season, our team was pretty good but we did have our weaknesses. I always played confident throughout the season, tried my best and never gave up! In my opinion, I think that was one of the main reasons why we won the championship by playing with confidence. That’s what I think about confidence. What about you?
by Sean G. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

In English today Mrs. Morrow had me hand out the Daily Blogger sheets. We were learning about how to create a daily blogger post. Everyone had to set a reminder on their calendar so they know when they have to be daily blogger. 

We started to finish the movie we were watching called “Blindsight”.

We are also going to begin our Motivator Posters. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Daily blogger November 19, 2014

The minute the bell rang  I rushed down the hallway toward the English mod for class today.  We had a 10:00 A.M. late start because of a teacher in service.  It was nice for the kids to sleep in so they were prepared for English 7 class today. In class today Mrs.Morrow is talking about her meeting in Texas.  
She was able to talk to  other teachers in Texas.  

It’s nice that she is back, so now it feels like a normal day in English class.  We had a substitute teacher yesterday in English.  We have been watching a documentary about blind people in China climbing a tall mountain that has a elevation right below Mt. Everest.  
This is a very neat experience for them.  They have trained experts helping them climb the mountain and the experts are training the kids.  These kids got made fun of, and now they’re going to proof them people that they aren’t useless and they are just like the other people.  We should never make fun of kids who have a disability or a disease because they can’t help it.  Mrs.Morrow is also talking about a kid who fell in a hallway in some other school and he died.  The paramedics brought him back to life and he cheated death more than once.  On Christmas break he sent his teacher a video about his heart disease and told the teacher about him.  On Christmas Day the kid died and he never came back to life.  This is a true and a really neat story.  We did not have a assignment today.  Thank you for listening.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Most days in English class we do things like DGP, or Daily Grammar Practice, and writing things down in our notebooks. But today in English we didn’t do much at all. We watched a movie about a blind person who climbed to the top of Mt. Everest. The movie also talked about a blind person who sat up an organization for blind kids, and a team of people who climbed Mt. Everest went there to help the blind kids climb a mountain near Mt. Everest. We watched the children train and practice to climb safely and... the bell rang. We had to pause in the middle of the video to go to our next class.

                                               the dangerous 29,029' tall Mt. Everest

Friday, November 14, 2014

Daily Blogger

Daily Blogger

The bell beeped loudly as we were on our way to 3rd period. Today is Free-Write Friday. We get to write about anything we want, as long as we go for the full length of the song. 

Next,  came DGP. It is Friday, so we are diagraming the sentence. 

Our homework last night was to get our final draft done, and get our adult proofreader signature.

Now, it is time to print out our story we wrote for the week. The story is about our American Freedom, in honor of Vetran’s Day.  After we are done with that, we post it to our blogs. Then, we comment on 3 other people’s blog. We learned how to create better comments last week, so we are going to use those skills for this week. Next, we printed the comments and handed them in. Lastly, we copy and pasted them to the other people’s blog. 

The bell sounded and we knew it was time to move to 4th period. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nov. 14

As we started English class we went right away to Daily Grammar practice. We had to Add correct punctuation and capitalization in it. Then when we finished, We had to add a good feed back to 2 great Paragraph it was hard and confusing to make a good feed back but we still did it and then we went to the 2 paragraph and it was much easier because we knew how to do it was fun because it made you think. As when we were finishing that we went to our American freedom story, We had to trade a partner our story so they can proof read it and make it better. Then the bell rang and everyone came out running out and hoping we do something fun again tomorrow like today.  


Daily Blogger                                                                                                                                By: Allyson

I sat there waiting patiently for the bell to ring. Suddenly the bell rung vibrantly throughout the school signaling it was time to head toward Mod 2 were English class is held. As I wandered through the halls toward English class I wondered what exciting activity we would be doing today. Upon entering I noticed that today we would start out with our writer’s notebook, like we do everyday, then we would start on DGP, or daily grammar practice. We are currently working on our American Freedom Rough Draft, which is due tomorrow. 

Everyone is excited to begin on their rough draft. As for me I get the privilege to complete my rough draft and finish my turn for the Daily Blogger. 

Today everyone is working hard on their rough draft. Sadly, the time comes in which the bell sounds once again, and we all have to pack up for the next class. Because I was determined to finish and the fact that I didn’t want to leave, I was the last one out. Of course everyone else was rushing

out the door, but I will never forget the awesome time I had as Daily Blogger.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014

We walked in to class this morning cold because of the change in the weather.

We started by listening to Mr. Fisher’s weekly address. We then did our DGP week 7 for Monday. 

This week we will be writing about American Freedom.  Our goal is to learn how to write a thesis statement.  Today we are brainstorming an idea wall about what freedom means to us. We also started an outline to organize our writing.  This is due Wednesday. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7, 2014

The day starts out with the bell ringing. As we walk in Mrs. Morrow hands out our notebook to start free write Friday. In our notebook we write about what we are doing this weekend. When we get done Mrs. Morrow calls on student to share what they wrote.
            The next thing we are going to be doing is D.G.P. D.G.P stands for Daily Grammar Practice. We do this every week. After D.G.P. Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby helped us check our Grammar Review homework.

            Today we also had a quiz. This quiz was on adjectives and adverbs. We have been working on these for a few weeks. We wrapped up the day with going to English 7 and reading other blog posts.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014 Daily Blogger

                            Daily Blogger
                              By: Sierra

As the bell blurted out it’s monotonous ring, I ran into Mod 2, the English classroom. I dumped my bags on the floor beside my assigned seat for the day, I was the daily blogger, so I got to sit in the back! That day we learned many things in grammar, and I will tell you all about that day.

             First, we took out our writer’s notebooks and did a grammar warm up. The quick warm up gave us many questions about nouns, adverbs, adjectives, verbs… etc. Then, once we were all done with the problems, Mrs. Nordby went through the six questions and we corrected our mistakes.

       Afterwards, we moved onto DGP (Daily Grammar Practice). That week we had this sentence to correct: his plans were bold and fiery and his conceptions glowed with barbaric luster. The whole class helped correct the sentence, so it turned out like this: His plans were bold and fiery, and his conceptions glowed with barbaric luster.

       Next, Mrs. Nordby went on to a website called, there she let us watch two fun videos. One was about adverbs, and they showed us a lot about them. The other video was about adjectives, it taught us by using examples in sentences.


             During the last twenty minutes of English class, Mrs. Nordby assigned our homework for the day. We had to do Adjectives and Adverbs 2, the one with twenty-five questions, on We also had to do a lengthy homework sheet that went over many parts of speech. Before she let us start on the paper though, we went through the paper, underlining, circling, and going through directions. At the end of the period, the annoying bell rang out, as many kids scrambled for the door, racing to their next class.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The wind blew us into the classroom.  Our assignment was to have a printed off copy of our Blog Comment, so the printer was running in the corner, and kids were getting organized in their seats.  After handing in our comments we went straight to DGP.  Our class had to complete both Tuesday and Wednesday due to loss of time yesterday when we were talking about how to write appropriate comments on other people’s blogs.  After DGP we participated in a fun activity to help us review applying adjectives and adverbs in our writing.
       When we were doing jeopardy Mrs.Morrow gave us a marker board and a marker so we could write the answer on it. When we were playing jeopardy it had some very in trigging. Some kids were asking why will we need this in the future. You will need this for many, many things like writing a magazine or writing a report.  Mrs. Nordby  helped students that didn’t complete their assignment or needed extra help.
       When class was over we all blew out of the room a little smarter.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday, Nov. 4

by Zach
        Well here comes that annoying bell, well now it is time for English class it is a weird day today because we started to talk about BO.  Started to talk about a bunch of other good comments and then we watched a super great video about good comments and bad comments. we where talking about some of the mean comments and all the bad things that have been going on.  for are assignment it is we have to practice comments on the 8th graders blog.  choose someone who hasn't got a comment on there blogs. 


                     This is are schedule for today.

In this we were talking about the good comments.