Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Daily blogger November 19, 2014

The minute the bell rang  I rushed down the hallway toward the English mod for class today.  We had a 10:00 A.M. late start because of a teacher in service.  It was nice for the kids to sleep in so they were prepared for English 7 class today. In class today Mrs.Morrow is talking about her meeting in Texas.  
She was able to talk to  other teachers in Texas.  

It’s nice that she is back, so now it feels like a normal day in English class.  We had a substitute teacher yesterday in English.  We have been watching a documentary about blind people in China climbing a tall mountain that has a elevation right below Mt. Everest.  
This is a very neat experience for them.  They have trained experts helping them climb the mountain and the experts are training the kids.  These kids got made fun of, and now they’re going to proof them people that they aren’t useless and they are just like the other people.  We should never make fun of kids who have a disability or a disease because they can’t help it.  Mrs.Morrow is also talking about a kid who fell in a hallway in some other school and he died.  The paramedics brought him back to life and he cheated death more than once.  On Christmas break he sent his teacher a video about his heart disease and told the teacher about him.  On Christmas Day the kid died and he never came back to life.  This is a true and a really neat story.  We did not have a assignment today.  Thank you for listening.


  1. Great story Tyler i like how you described what she did and what she explained about the movie!!

  2. thank you bailey, have you been a daily blogger yet