Friday, November 14, 2014

Daily Blogger

Daily Blogger

The bell beeped loudly as we were on our way to 3rd period. Today is Free-Write Friday. We get to write about anything we want, as long as we go for the full length of the song. 

Next,  came DGP. It is Friday, so we are diagraming the sentence. 

Our homework last night was to get our final draft done, and get our adult proofreader signature.

Now, it is time to print out our story we wrote for the week. The story is about our American Freedom, in honor of Vetran’s Day.  After we are done with that, we post it to our blogs. Then, we comment on 3 other people’s blog. We learned how to create better comments last week, so we are going to use those skills for this week. Next, we printed the comments and handed them in. Lastly, we copy and pasted them to the other people’s blog. 

The bell sounded and we knew it was time to move to 4th period. 

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