Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The wind blew us into the classroom.  Our assignment was to have a printed off copy of our Blog Comment, so the printer was running in the corner, and kids were getting organized in their seats.  After handing in our comments we went straight to DGP.  Our class had to complete both Tuesday and Wednesday due to loss of time yesterday when we were talking about how to write appropriate comments on other people’s blogs.  After DGP we participated in a fun activity to help us review applying adjectives and adverbs in our writing.
       When we were doing jeopardy Mrs.Morrow gave us a marker board and a marker so we could write the answer on it. When we were playing jeopardy it had some very in trigging. Some kids were asking why will we need this in the future. You will need this for many, many things like writing a magazine or writing a report.  Mrs. Nordby  helped students that didn’t complete their assignment or needed extra help.
       When class was over we all blew out of the room a little smarter.

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