Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Daily Blogger

The bell rang and we all scurried to our next class, English. Ready to start the period with daily warm up. Today our warm was to draw a stick figure person with the four words of Personality, Body Part, Actions, and Feelings in the four corners of the paper. We then wrote three things to define the four words under each of the categories. We then read more in our book, “Love That Dog.”
Next, we got a paper that said what personification was and that we were going to create personification poems today.  We were read a few example poems and how to use personification in our poems. We then read a book about a few personification poems. 
 Finally, we were sent to make our poems.

Once we wrote our poems, we used the iPads to find a picture that went in with our poems. We then used an app called Chatter Pix to put in our photos and read our poem to. It then makes a short video of the poem and the picture wit some animations. Soon, the bell rang again, and it was time to go to next period.

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