Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Daily Blogger

        The familiar sound of the chiming bell blurted out. I raced down the hall, out the door, and outside to Mod 2. When I got into Mod 2, I went to my table and sat down. Mrs.Morrow passed out the latest poem book we are reading, Love That Dog. After Mrs. Morrow read us about ten pages, we talked about and then finished our “Found Poems” that we started yesterday.

        Then Mrs.Morrow showed us a video on youtube about similes and metaphors because that is what we were learning about for our lesson today. After we watched the video, we discussed the differences between similes and metaphors.


       Finally, after giving some examples, we got a worksheet that has the start of a simile or a metaphor and we have to finish it with something unique. Before I knew it, the ringing of the bell noisily sounded and I was off to my 3rd period class.

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  1. Excellent job, and well written! Its a darn it was the back of my face, not the front! LOL