Friday, December 5, 2014

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            “Yes, I finished my math homework.” “Beep.” "There go’s the bell, better get to English class." 

            We started today with Free Write Friday and you had to write a poem. A lot of people wrote about things that they love. You could make your poem any size. Then if you wanted to share, you could.
            Next, Mrs. Morrow read us “ Love That Dog”. We learned about how Jack started to like poems more. Another thing is that he was worried that a poet that wrote a famous poem would get mad if he read Jack’s poem.
            After that, we added some words into our dictionary page in the back of our poetry folder. The words were: simile, metaphor, alliteration, assonance, onomatopeaia, and rhyming couplet. Then we had to write a rhyming couplet for our, “Poem For The Day”. A rhyming couplet is a 2 line or more rhyming poem. To help you write the poem, you could use different websites or apps on the iPad.

           Lastly, Mrs. Morrow read us the book, “ I Knew You Could”. It is a book similar to the book “ The Little Engine That Could”. I thought it was a pretty encouraging, but some had different opinions about it. 



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