Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, Classroom Blog

As soon as the bell rang for class to start, my English 7 class took out our Writer's Notebook and jotted down a list of what we have learned so far in class. Most of our list consisted of 8-12 things we have done.

After we wrapped that up, it was time for DGP 2, (Daily Grammar Practice). It has been our second week of DGP. On Monday DGP, we worked on pronouns, verbs, and nouns on a single sentence, we use the same sentence everyday of the week.

We started diagraming sentences with prepositional phrases on Friday, but we didn't finish them. We stated back up on them today. They were pretty easy, but some people needed help, so we did them as a class.

Tomorrow, our parents get to see our grades, so we made a "Learning Letter". We went to an app called Pages, it is a writing doc. that you can type anything from an assignment, to stories and many more. Today, we chose the feature called Traditional Letter. It shows a setup of how to write a letter, but you have to delete and start for your own letter. This letter is for my English 7 teachers and my parents. We had to write three paragraphs and they were due at the end of class.

The sound of the murmuring bell sounded through the room, and that was the time for our papers to be due, and for us to go to the next class.

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