Monday, October 6, 2014

Daily Blogger

Woo Hoo! Today is a Friday in English class. We start with writing our free write Friday and my classmates are sharing some of there writing. Now we are talking about the parent teacher conference. Then we do our DGP together, and she shows us how to do a diagram. We are talking about the positive things we’ve done in this class. Such as our blogs and that we don’t complain about thing in the class and listen to others when the talk to us.

Now the teachers are passing out our first quarter grades. Anxious, and nervous to see what we all get. We get our paper. Now we are talking about the facebook page. So if we screen shot it we can get a 10-bonus point. The page is O’Neill school Library on facebook. We also got your “I am” packages back.

We are now starting to practice our diagramming sentences. Our teacher handed us a paper with a mistake she made. Yay, now the students aren’t the only ones that make mistakes.

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