Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Daily blogger Tuesday 10-14-14

The bell yells and says "get out"!! My next class is English. First thing we did as usual write in our writer's note book. So we wrote out yucky food. Many people shared there yucky ideas. After that we did that we did our dgp witch is daily grammar practice. Mrs. Morrow help us on dgp. Then we posted our rhymes on our bloggs. It was homework yesterday and we handed it on tuesday witch was due today Tuesday. After that Mrs. Morrow says "that tomorrow our back page on the packet was due." This is what you had to do? We had to write describing words on the back page on the packet for tomorrows rough draft that will write. We got a little time to work on it. Last the bell wrang time to go to a different class. But don't worry we'll have English tomorrow?

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