Monday, October 27, 2014

Daily Blogger Oct. 27 2014

     As I walked outside, in the brisk cool fall air, I excitedly awaited English class. When I walked in, the room was filled with fall decorations. Up on the smart board was our grammar warm up. We had to describe either Scooby Doo or Sponge Bob using adjectives and character traits.
            We then went to Daily Grammar Practice (DGP 5). This week's sentence is "this is certainly a beautiful country." We labeled the words in the sentence with what part of speech they are. Make sure you have this finished before Friday.
Then, we were introduced to our writing project for this week. We will be writing about a ghost that haunts the halls of O'Neill Junior/Senior High School. To start, Mrs. Nordby showed us her adorable ghost pin. Then, we read a short story about four ghosts. Afterward, we underlined the words that described each ghost. Finally, we filled out a chart with the under lined words.

All of a sudden, we started working on the brain storming process. During this step you list ideas about what you are writing about. For this you need to describe your ghost. You can use these questions to help describe your ghost: What physical features stand out most, how does the character usually dress, how does the character move? This is due tomorrow. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THIS DONE! 
Everyone started working diligently. Then the bell chimed and it seemed as if class had just started.

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