Friday, October 10, 2014

Daily Blogger

If you get to have daily blogger on Friday, Your pretty lucky. And thats me. Today we had Free Write Friday. Free Write Friday is where we get to write about whatever we want or whatever comes to our head. Kids always have really good stories and really good thought. Every day I write about a group of animals that go on many adventures. It's pretty cool. Sometimes kids continue a story that they have started earlier that week. I think that Friday might be the coolest thing we do in class.

We just finished our Daily Grammar Practice (DGP). We had to do lots of work this week because we missed two days of school. The most fun thing to do on there is Friday's question. We must diagram sentences. I think thats pretty fun, others might not. My least favorite part is Monday. We have to identify parts of speech. When I think that we have finished identifying a word, theres always a modifier or something else that messes me up. Otherwise our DGP is pretty fun.
We had to take a quiz thing on a new site called Socrative. I've never heard of it  before so it was all new to me. We had to put in our room number and we submitted it. When we did, it opened a page where we had to wait for our teacher to start the quiz. Mrs.Morrow would press next question and it would move on. We could see when someone answered a question because on the smart board it would say how many people submitted there questions. Otherwise it was a lot more easier than I thought it would be. But otherwise its been a pretty good Friday

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