Monday, January 19, 2015

Daily Blogger (1-14-15)

             Today as the bell rang in my ears, it was time for another wonderful day in English. I burst through the doors a little late because my friend Taryn talked to me in the hallway. Mrs. Morrow said we would be finishing up the test for Simple Sentences, which I didn’t have to take because I already tested out. So I just read my book for reading while other people took the test.
            Next we wrote in our writer’s notebook. We wrote the definition of writing. Writing is the communication of CONTENT, for a PURPOSE, to an AUDIENCE. We wrote our topics for our B-Side Projects. That’s what we use the definition of writing for.
            On our CPA chart we wrote our mane idea and then we wrote what our chapters were going to be about in our IBook. Then we won’t work more on this until tomorrow so don’t forget they are in your writer’s notebook.
            Now we are reviewing Simple Sentences (SV, SVV, SSV. SSVV). Then Mrs. Morrow explained that a verb with a helping verb that the whole verb not two just one verb. Another thing to remember is that “to” plus a verb is an infinitive.
            Mrs. Morrow is helping the kids that still are on level one circle the “and”s and the Prepositional Phrases are.
            Then the bell rang out again, and it was time to go to the next 

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