Monday, January 12, 2015

Daily Blogger

In math, I finished my assignment right on time. Then came the blurting bell, which indicated it was time for 4th period. As always, my forth period is English class with Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby in Mod 2N. Once I entered the room, Mrs. Nordby asked me to pass out papers about having a B-side passions. It was kind of about having hobbies with nothing to do with school. I actually thought it was very interesting. I shared one of the questions which was; If I can plan the perfect day, how would I spend it? I said, “First, I’d sleep in, go hunting, have lunch, work and play with my model trains, go four-wheeling, and have a dance or a party in the evening. In my opinion, that probably would be the perfect day in my life. Mrs. Morrow taught us more about having a B-side which I found it very interesting. I didn’t finish all the questions, but I wished I did. Both teachers knew right away what I was going to write about. Trains! Sure enough, I did (almost every question had an answer with  something to do with trains).
     Mrs. Morrow then talked about and showed us iBook. She told us about some people (including her husband) about some post there were on iBook. One of post she showed us was from a freshmen (Nikki Gotshal) about famous King of England, Henry VIII. Another one was from Nathaniel Jennings about the planets in our solar system. Mrs. Morrow wanted us to pretend to write something like a poem on a piece of paper and also wanted us to make it look like we were very bored. Then, she wanted us to open our computers and make it look like we were very interested. I was the one who was really doing anything because I was the daily blogger. Everyone else was either on their desktop of their laptop or typing random stuff in the password box. Mrs. Morrow took a picture of Baylea and I tried photo bombing but it didn't work.DANG!:(
     Eventually class was over when the bell rang at 11:25. Today was another day in English class. Oh, and one more thing, theres always time for a group picture with the class! The picture didn’t turn out what I wanted but its better then nothing.

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