Monday, January 26, 2015

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Well when the bell rang in last  period we rushed out the door and came right into English class.
When we came in Mrs. Morrow said " Today we are not doing writers notebook because we are have a Simple Sentences Quiz"
So when we started the test it wasn't that hard it was just confusing like one question what is simple sentences?
Well a few minutes into English Mrs.Morrow showed us some PERFECT outline on our topic like Taya's report about sheering sheep.
Another one was Matt's his topic was about football and showed us the introduction. Then Mrs. Nordby handed out a outline of Mrs. Morrows intro and that is for a example for us so that we know what to update on ours and what to put more on our writing.

Some kids had to add more to their Chapter 1 to finish or even to start because some kids just spaced it off at home and not doing their homework. But if you don't have your homework done tomorrow you will get a detention and you will have to serve it on Wednesday. Well after awhile I heard the bell rang. Well now it means it is time to go to your next class.

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