Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The bell rang loud and signaled to us that we had to go to our next class. I rushed to my favorite class, English. Our English teachers are Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby. All of the students sat down and got our notebooks out. Everyday we have a assignment to write in our notebooks. We had to write down how we get to school from our house. We are learning about prepositional phrases. So, we had to find the them in our paragraphs. 

Then, we got our green Daily Grammar Practice worksheet out. We have a sentence everyday this week. We have to practice on finding the prepositional phrases on that worksheet. We all did the worksheet on the smart board together. The teachers explained very well what they were.

After that, we had to write a list of prepositional phrases down in our notebooks, so it could help us if we weren’t sure what they were. There was a lot!

Later, we had a worksheet to do. We could have a partner to work on it together for five minutes. If we weren’t done, we did it on the smart board. We corrected it together. Lots of hands shot up to answer the questions. 

All in all, we all learned what prepositional phrases are. The bell rang and we all scurried off to the next class like rats.

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  1. i like your daily blogger. I thought you did really good.