Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/25/14 Daily blog

As the bell rings, letting Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Nordby know that its time to start 4th periods class. Im always ready to learn and have an exciting day in English. Todays class started with our tummies rumbling for delicious food, in our writers notebook we wrote about what our "Big Buffet" would be like. Then we would look at the daily blog and we would find the positives and negatives. We are also learning how to use iMovie, Photo Booth, and Quicktime. We are making a video about “I am me” to show to the class. You have to make different slides that tells some things about you. To do this you will use iMovie, Photo Booth, and Quicktime. iMovie you use to drop videos and pictures in it.  Photo Booth you can take pictures and videos to record yourself, then move them to iMovie. Quicktime you can record an object, or a video, on your screen and then you can put it on your desk top to use in iMovie. Once we finish then, we will show our videos to the whole class. The class will see how creative you are, who you are, your personality, what your favorite things to do, what others think about you in good ways, etc. Today I am the daily blogger, While the students work, I take pictures of them working. I also explain what we have been doing in class, When I'm done, then I would go on the Blogger website, I post and also put pictures. When the class reads this blog for daily blogger, I hope there will be a lot of positives and at least a few negatives. This is what we have learned in our exciting English class. As the bell rang, letting everyone know that English was over, and time for next period. I am looking forward to another exciting day of English class.

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