Friday, September 26, 2014

Idea Day

Tuesday, September 22, 2014

As the bell rings for that fourth period, I know it's time for another awesome English class.  I walk out those main doors and head toward the mods not knowing what's going to happen today. No one else knows either and yet we all head outdoors. We come out of the doors in two streams and form into one river. As I open the doors to Mod 2N, I can tell it's going to be a great day!

The first thing we do is open our writers notebooks, just like always. Then, the class checks out Morgans blog from yesterday while we talk about the plus and minuses. There are only a few minuses and a lot of pluses.  I hope mine can be that good any way.  Speaking of blogs, Mrs. Morrow reminded us to check our class blogs every day.

Next we worked on our script sheets.  We highlighted the three things we thought would describe us the best. Then we broke those into smaller ideas. Then we wrote about these smaller ideas. Afterwards, we paired up and the partner gave his or her opinion.  Lastly, we corrected what needed to be done.  Suddenly it was that bell again!  So soon?

Well that was English for Tuesday - more updates tomorrow.

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  1. Impressive writing, Sam! Thank you for being such a good daily blogger!