Monday, September 22, 2014

Daily Blogger

        The monotone sound of the bell blurted out which signaled that it was time to start off an interesting English Class. We started by talking about how to do the assignment that I'm doing now. Mrs. Morrow showed us how to accept an email that would be a big help in doing our assignment for our daily blog post. She was even patient to change email passwords. Mrs. Nordby even helped those who needed helping. Then after we got all of this figured out, we started on our usual routine which were our journals. We listed nouns, verbs, and adjectives that describe us.

      After that, Mrs. Nordby and Mrs. Morrow explained the next project we would be doing that would be due on Friday as usual. These would be 60 second commercials that would describe our true individuality and uniqueness from everyone else. Mrs. Nordby even handed me candy that helped bring out some ideas that I wanted to use for this post. Mrs. Morrow showed us 3 really cool examples of projects kids did in the past. These projects were really cool, I especially liked Nathaniel Jennings' project, it just had this certain creativity and hook to it. I even took a bunch of pictures of some of my friends during this class period, because I had the privilege of getting up and taking pictures.  I  also took  a picture of Mrs. Morrow giving us examples from her life on how to do a brain web that describes us in our packets that are due tomorrow.

      I learned a few things about how to use the application "Inspiration". You can get this application  from self service, use it to create brain webs for any class. This period, I even learned how to make my important qualities shine, how to figure out who I am, and where I will go in life. Then the monotone of the bell sounded again and it was time to go to another class.

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