Thursday, September 25, 2014

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                                         English Class

Today in English class the bell mourned loud to let Mrs. Nordby and Mrs. Morrow it was time to start class. So when we started class Mrs. Morrow showed us a Movie Critic about who I am the video was not about us it was about some older kids that were in 8th or 7th grade who did these. After we watched kids movie and Mrs. Nordby helped us get started on our script for who am I it could start with a poem or a rap. When Mrs. Nordby was doing that Mrs. Morrow was helping some other kids that were waiting for Mrs. Nordby. Then Mrs. Morrow would come and help us with our web ideas for our brand.

         Well it was like 20minutes more till class is over and so Mrs. Morrow Sped up a lot but when she did that she started to explain what else we are doing. After she said that Mrs. Nordby started saying “ Now we are going to start something kinda new but it includes this.” “So what we are doing is trying to find a great hook to start leading the reader to finish what they have read. During the middle of class we had to learn how to get out of a bus in the middle of class witch really interrupted my report but I at least got most of it done!

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