Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Daily Blogger

When I walked into the classroom the air was tense. The teachers were mad at something. Then throughout the day when we usually weren't paying attention, everyone was perfect. It seemed magical, but thats beside the point.

Today we reviewed our simple sentences (SV, SSV, SVV, SSVV) and it was crazy. We learned a whole bunch of new stuff that day. The teachers helped kids that were underlining articles and infinitives (to+verb) and were suppose to be underlining subjects and verbs.

After a long days work we were finally finished. I had tested out on a little worksheet thing and so did a couple other kids. I think Mrs.Morrow and Mrs.Nordby were happy to see we did so good. A lot of other kids were very close to testing out but just didn't make. Good thing they have another chance tomorrow.

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